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gfh catalog hair integration

My Collection

Hair integration in human hair
gfh catalog synthetic wigs

Classic Collection

GFH synthetic hair wigs
gfh catalog human hair wigs

Gold Collection

Human hair wigs
gfh catalog ombre wigs

Gold Collection Ombré

Latest colors in ombré hair

gfh catalog headwear and turbans

Latest brochure

Turbans, caps, head scarves, PAC scarf, HAD scarf, wig liner
gfh catalog superionix wigs

my secret

Sensational: Hair replacement with adhesive membrane
gfh catalog contactskin for women

CONTACTSKIN® for women
Invisible bonding system

The dream of having own hair.
gfh catalog eye lashes and eye brows

Everything around the eye

Eye lashes, eye brows, eye brow make-up

gfh catalog for top secret toupee and hair pieces

men's secret

Toupees, hair pieces and wigs for men
gfh catalog contactskin


Revolutionary. Invisible. No hair line. Reliable.
gfh catalog toppik

Hair Building Fiber

Immediate aid for thinning hair
gfh catalog hair care for wigs and toupee

created by GFH

Adhesive products, hair replacement care products, accessories


gfh catalog hw headwear and turbans

Autumn/Winter 2017/18

Caps, turbans, for women + men
gfh catalog wig seminars

Seminars & training

Eduction and seminars for hair dressers here.

WELLNESS® My Collection

Hair integrations made from human hair

Thin crown, thinning hair, bald spots – serious problems with insufficient hair density are more common in women than many would believe. Today, there is a solution for every single case: WELLNESS® hair integrations by GFH. Individually matched with the type of hair and problem. Your dream of full volume and naturally falling hair will come true.


Turbans, caps, head scarves, caps, PAC scarves

GFH, gesellschaft für haarästhetik mbh of Fürth, proudly presents their first own collection of turbans, head scarves and caps for persons using wigs, under their own label and in new packaging. The new autumn/winter brochure offers a variety of turbans and caps made of natural, skin friendly and breathable materials such as bamboo, cotton or cashmere mixed with elastane or spandex fibre for comfortable wearing, pleasant and light.

TOP SECRET® men's secret

Toupees and men's wigs

TOP SECRET® offers versatile hair systems, returning volume and providing the right solution for every type of hair, every head shape and all types of hair loss. In the field of human hair systems we are renowned as one of the leading providers. Become “yourself” again!

WELLNESS® Classic Collection

Synthetic wigs

With Love and know-how developed wigs, made of SensoHair® (synthetic hair)..


Sensational: Hair replacement with adhesive membrane

The unique adhesive membrane and ion-technology as well as latest scientific results are SUPERIONIX® hair replacement. Sensational comfort, more reliability without additional adhesive and breathable temperature regulation. SUPERIONIX® is based on the natural adhesive principle like a gecko. It fits seamless and immovable. At the same time the active ions act as a “killer of bacteria.

TOPPIK hair building fibers

Immediate aid for thinning hair

TOPPIK is immediate aid for visually thicker and fuller looking hair. Thin spots are covered “magically” in seconds. TOPPIK hair is a reliable way to visually cover thinning hair and thin spots in seconds. TOPPIK consists of millions of micro hair fibers. Sprinkle TOPPIK onto the required spot and it will connect with your own hair. Result: Visually thicker looking hair.

Seminars & training courses

All events for hair dressers

WELLNESS® Gold Collection

Human hair wigs

Human hair models emphasize your natural attractiveness again. Premium level workmanship, excellent fit and latest fixation methods guarantee absolute comfort.


Eye lashes, eye brows, eye brow make-up

WELLNESS® EYE LASHES will give you more expression as well as feminine look. Hand knotted and reusable multiple times.

Adhesive human hair WELLNESS® eye brows, support your face's contour. Invisible adhesive system. For ladies & gentlemen.

CHRISTIAN FAYE® eye brow make-up to brush on is semi-permanent, water resistant and provides more eye brow volume with precise results. Including an eye brow stencil.


created by GFH

This brochure provides the complete collection of products around bonding, solvents and cleansing, products for hair extension systems as well as care for wigs and hair pieces. From liquid bonds to adhesive tapes, stripes, clips, brushes, specialised scissors, accessories, caps and colour rings, shampoo, balm, sprays, special products for hair and skin.

Please note: Some items of our assortment are exclusively reserved for specialised retailers only.

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