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New GFH Creative Ambassador:
Danny van Tuijl

GFH strengthen their profile in the direction of avant-garde: Danny von Tuijl, a 30 year old Dutch session- and hairstylist, is now creative ambassador of GFH.

Located in Berlin, together with his organisation DVT Handcrafted Hair, they act as Master Stylists particularly creative. The new GFH Ambassador gained already great international recognition for his extraordinary and opulent hair collections.

The high quality wigs and hair pieces by GFH will additionally inspire and push his fantastic creations.

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New Creations - 8/2017

Artistic hair replacement-collection „Earthling” from GFH ambassador Danny von Tuijl. Two models in different looks show the unbelievable transformation power of wigs..

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New GFH Creative Ambassador: Danny van Tuijl

Born 1986 in the Dutch town of Kerkwijk, the daily salon life in Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, Paris or Rotterdam soon wasn't challenging enough for the talented and ambitious hair dresser. In 2013, in the meantime he gained a reputation as The Rebel of the Dutch Hairdresser Scene, the renowned stylist, with his versatile and eccentric appearance, opened his own creative workshop: DVT Handcrafted Hair.    

Furthermore he continuously develops his own creations and collections. As a result he finds himself regularly nominated and as a regular winner of almost all important coiffure and hairdresser awards.

Danny explains his motivation: “Driven by exciting projects and unusual challenges, it keeps kicking me to be even more innovative and inspired,continuously – in my personality as well as in my creative work”.

Who could fit better to the Input-Team of GFH? GFH CEO Cornelia Hoffmeister explained the companies strategy at the 25th year anniversary as:

In future of course, we will continue to inspire the hair replacement sector through innovative and ever new impulse. That's how we are known: Always seeking for the “Icing on the cake”, the extraordinary product, the fascinating idea and the outstanding quality".

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