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WELLNESS® MyCollection: 
Perfect styles for weddings, glamour and functions.

The human hair volume wonder for fine, thin or too short own hair - for the big day.

Festive style of your dreams, even with thin, fine or thinning hair?
No problem! 

Appearance like a super star or diva just for once is every brides dream when the wedding day comes closer. Unfortunately the reality often looks differently. Many women simply have too fine or too thin hair or just not enough hair volume to create a stunning festive look.   

The solution: A human hair integration. The hair pieces of the WELLNESS® MyCollection from GFH create magically volume exactly where it's missing.

The speciality of our hair integration: It's light as a feather, blending in optically with own hair, has an absolute natural fall and can be treated like own hair. The hair piece can be washed, blow dried, curled or straightened as well as styled in many ways.   

The hair piece can be perfectly matched in colour and shape to the brides own hair. It can look absolutely natural and set an interesting touch of colour.

Trendy bridal looks – The perfect bride

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Stunning looks for summer and functions

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here are more than 1200 GFH partner hair studios in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Trained GFH partner hair salons, hair replacement specialists, hair replacement experts, hair technicians and hair system specialists are taking competent care of you with wigs, toupees, hair integration, hair pieces, extensions as well as hair replacement.

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