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Top Secret® Toupee & hair pieces

Premium hair systems. For men only.

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Aesthetically convincing. Reliable. Comfortable.

Top Secret® can be worn as a toupee or hair piece aesthetically convincing, reliable and comfortable. Top Secret® covers the full range of custom made hair replacements suitable for every kind of hair loss, personal styling wishes and for every lifestyle.

Whether synthetic hair, SensoHair® or human hair, temporary or permanent fixation, affordable hair piece or superior custom made – with Top Secret® by GFH your bald head, chaplet or a bald back of the head wont scare any longer. Diverse and versatile is the variety of choices of toupees and hair pieces.

Vitality, attractiveness and appeal are rising with full hair. This is confirmed through corresponding studies. Fuller hair also means: Full success!
Good for Men! Good for the ego!

Top Secret® fulfils individual hair styling wishes for every lifestyle 

Convincing results with Top Secret® toupees & hair pieces

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More than 1200 GFH partner studios are part of our network in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Via email request we are happy to inform you about your closest specialist retailer for Top Secret®. New retailers are welcome.

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