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Top Secret® Mens wigs

Individualised solutions for your hair problem. For all lifestyles.

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It's not necessary to live a life without hair.

TOP SECRET® men's wig system by GFH is the result of decades of experience and covers all possibilities to solve your hair problems. 

We offer complete solutions in human or synthetic hair, for example: a complex cap with a net lace line or accurately full foil for perfect bonding as well as custom made for your individual requirements. Specialities like our 3 tone system reflect the shade of naturally grown hair.

The new hair must suit. From a short cut to shoulder long hair, everything is allowed. Beckham-style, asymmetric long fringe as well as highlights in contrasting colours.

TOP SECRET® Mens wigs by GFH offer the complete solution for the hair style of your dreams.

Top Secret® offers solutions for the hair style of your dreams 

Convincing results with Top Secret® mens wigs

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More than 1200 partner hair salons are part of our network in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Via email request we are happy to inform you about your closest receding hairline specialist. New Top Secret® specialised studios for toupees and mens wigs are welcome.


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