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ACTIV  Haircare & More

Perfectly suitable hair care products for your hair replacement

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Highly effective. Mild. Caring.

ACTIV Haircare products are perfectly balanced for your hair replacement and offer maximum care. It is important to use the correct product for your hair replacement. While commercial hair care products are only appropriate for naturally grown hair, never use those for a hair replacement.

The ACTIV Haircare line for human and synthetic hair includes: Special shampoo and masks, conditioner, hair softener, hair spray, soft gel, high gloss spray, silk spray, regulator, hair freshener, silver gloss shampoo, tinting, hair repair and much more.

ACTIV - Only good looking and professionally looked after hair replacement means beautiful hair.

ACTIV Care products are perfectly balanced with your hair replacement

A small selection of ACTIV Haircare products

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More than 1200 GFH partner hair salons are part of our network in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Via email request we are happy to inform you about your closest specialist retailer for ACTIV Haircare products. New retailers are welcome.

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