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Contactskin Folien-Toupet in Echthaar


Revolutionary hair skin system. No toupee. No hair transplantation.

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Attractive. Super reliable. Invisible.

The revolutionary hair skin system ContactSkin® offers the unbeatable, attractive solution if hair loss is a problem. ContactSkin® is the invisible hair replacement alternative to a toupee or hair transplantation.

The very thin and transparent foil, where hair is stitched into, remains absolutely reliable and blends optically completely in with the scalp. This “single-use-hair-skin-bond system” is absolutely invisibly applied. Even with hair combed back, no hairline will be visible.

The hair piece resists every movement and even strong draft. It's reliable during day and night. Styling is no problem at all. Sport, swimming or sauna is possible any time. ContactSkin® differentiates by miles from the outdated image of conventional toupees.

Within only a few hours you'll get rid of your hair problem: Reliable, no hair line, comfortable and breathable.

ContactSkin® the invisible hair replacement for absolute reliable freedom of wearing 

Incredible results with ContactSkin®

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Get more information about ContactSkin® on our informative website

ContactSkin® SPEED

Provides men visibly with new hair at record speed

ContactSkin® SPEED is the even faster version of the successful ContactSkin®

Larger bald patches to complete bald head - it's possible to look attractive again, now even faster and easier. ContactSkin® SPEED is a patented, self adhesive hair-skin-foil. No application of bonding gel onto your scalp necessary. Once applied, ContactSkin®SPEED provides the impression of real grown hair immediately.

3 additional new features:

- Even stronger and longer hold.

- Up to 25 % faster through self adhesive Quickbonding-System.

- Up to 3 service intervals less per year.

ContactSkin® SPEED: "Only the best for me!"

Functionality and results with ContactSkin® SPEED

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Get more information about ContactSkin® SPEED on our website.

More than 1200 GFH partner hair studios are part of our network in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Via email request we are happy to inform you about your closest ContactSkin® specialist. New ContactSkin® specialist studios are welcome.


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