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Managing Director

Cornelia Hoffmeister

Postal address


gesellschaft für haaraesthetik mbh

Heinrich-Stranka-Straße 16

D - 90765 Fuerth


Contact details national

Phone: 0911 - 974 923-0

Fax: 0911 - 974 923-57

Contact details international

Phone international:

+49 - 911 - 974 923 0

Fax international:

+49 - 911 - 974 923 57

Digital contact details

E-Mail: info[at]


The gfh gesellschaft fuer haaraesthetik mbh is listed in the Fürth commercial register under the no. HRB 4629 .

The VAT number for gfh in accordance with Article 27a of the Value Added Tax Act is :

DE 132762421

The European Comission provides a platform for the extrajudicial online-resolution (OS-platform), accessible via .

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