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contactskin for women invisible permanent bonding hairsystem

ContactSkin® for women

The feeling of having own hair!

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The dream of having own hair.
Secure! Individual! Invisible!

Thanks to the revolutionary membrane bonding system CONTACTSKIN®, women also can enjoy the feeling of having their own hair.
The super thin, transparent and breathable membrane makes it virtually impossible to distinguish between the scalp and CONTACTSKIN®, like a contact lens softly applied on the eye.
The human hair wigs and hairpieces are worn securely and invisibly for about 4-6 weeks, thanks to the permanently bonded membrane-technique. Combing, washing, showering and blow-drying like own hair are all demands which can be fulfilled right away in an extremely super natural way.

+ 100% hand knotted
+ human hair
+ invisible
+ permanent bonding system
+ extremely natural
+ fulfills your daily needs
+ individual diversity
+ custom made
+ special hair replacement at its best

Get personal advice by your specialist!

A wonderful human hair wig with the feeling of having own hair. ContactSkin® for women 

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