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Immediate aid for thinning hair

toppik katalog für haarpulver und schütthaar

TOPPIK for visually thicker looking hair.

TOPPIK is an immediate aid for visually thicker and fuller looking hair. Thin spots can be made invisible “magically” in seconds.

TOPPIK hair building fibers is a certain method to “hide” thinning spots visually in just a few seconds. TOPPIK is made from millions of tiny micro hair fibers. Through applying TOPPIK on to the desired spot it will unite with your own remaining hair. Sprinkle, fixate, done.

Result: Visually thicker looking hair.

TOPPIK makes thin hair sections disappear immediately 

Amazing results with TOPPIK hair building fibers

(Animated image gallery = presss image)

How-to video for TOPPIK hair building fibers

(Start = Press red button in video)

hair fiber instanthair toppik

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