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ACTIV  Headwear

Extra soft turbans, head scarves and caps for sensitive scalps

turban catalog headwear from gfh

Super light, breathable and extra soft.

The carefully chosen materials for ACTIV HEADWEAR BASICS head scarvess, turbans and caps for chemo and alopecia patients are especially gentle to scalps. Suitable for both, women and men.

The stylish collection of the respective season promises: To give lust for live, attractiveness and elegance especially to those who suffer from temporary or permanent hair loss.

In addition to our premium quality products, we also offer in all of our brochures choices for lower budget.

turban headwear katalog gfh - specials 22 + 23

ACTIV Cap Collection Specials.

Sophisticated and shapely caps, partially reversible, which nestle against the scalp in an elegant, soft and air-permeable manner.

turbans caps catalog spring / sommer from gfh

Catalog Spring/Sommer.
"The warm season can arrive."

There is no season without caps and heads for the chilly season. With a modern and attractive style, they gently protect your sensitive skin from sun, wind and weather. 
The ACTiV headwear models for ladies and gentlemen complement perfectly the BASSICS collection of these special selected headpieces.

ACTIV HEADWEAR is especially gentle to the scalp 

A gorgeous selection of the latest ACTIV Headwear collection.
- B E S T S E L L E R -

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ACTIV CapCollection - Specials.

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More than 1200 GFH partner hair studios are part of our network in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Via email request we are happy to inform you about your closest specialist retailer for ACTIV Headwear products. New retailers are welcome.

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