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Hair replacement seminars, education and training

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With the GFH ACADEMY perfectly prepared for success

All hair replacement techniques step-by-step, materials and workshops, advertising and marketing. Professional education and training are the foundation for your success.

Available dates for all GFH seminars covering toupees, hair integration, ContactSkin (Full adhesive), wigs, cut and SUPERIONIX can be found in our latest seminar brochure.

The brochure including all dates including registration documents is available for download here.

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The seminar program by GFH ACADEMY is creativity and inspiration for convincing hair aesthetic

Hair replacement pros know: To keep up the work with ever increasing customer requirements on hair aesthetics, further professional training is an essential prerequisite. Only customer satisfaction guarantees customer referral!

The GFH ACADEMY and their comprehensive portfolio support hair replacement specialists when carrying out their challenging task.

The seminars are characterised through creativity and inspired by new insights and future trend orientation.

GFH ACADEMY = Training for specialists

Certified specialist for hair replacement [HWK]

GFH ACADEMY guides to success

BVZ has developed together with the central association of hairdressers a supplement eduction and training profile for hairdressers, the “Certified specialist for hair replacement”. To act competent and successful in the specialised field of hair replacement, additional training is advised.

Die The seminar portfolio of the GFH ACADEMY is officially recognised by BVZ and can be applied as single components for further education. This enables to build your own training curriculum, with the aim to officially graduate “Certified specialist for hair replacement”.

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