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ms Cornelia Hoffmeister

The Concept.
 STIMULATE Master Class Collection

Interview with Mrs. Cornelia Hoffmeister (GFH General Manager)

"We want that women who are dependent on hair replacement have the same stylish possibilities."

What ideas are behind the new Master Class Collection Collection STIMULATE?

C. Hoffmeister:

Fashion lives from variety. There are no more boundaries of what is perceived beautiful. Of course, there are trends, but they're mostly also answered with opposite trends – and it's not rarely happening concurrently. Of course that also counts for hairstyles.

Our aim was that women which are dependant on wearing hair replacements or wigs are able to get the same chances in variety.

The result is the Master Class Collection STIMULATE:

A broad range and creative line of wigs, from which every woman can find and choose her own style. Furthermore, we were able to upgrade our current range with 70 new attractive synthetic wigs.

The current STIMULATE Collection complements the previously existing WELLNESS® Classic- and Gold Collections by GFH. What are the differences?

C. Hoffmeister:

Our lines WELLNESS® Classic- and Gold Collection are characterful and successfully represented in the wig market since over 15 years. The focus concentrates on comfort, wear-ability and natural appearance as much as possible.

Therefore changes or novelties are getting introduced very carefully in small steps, also possible of course are custom mades. In that case you'll need your trusted hairdresser, who will include his creativity and provides individuality.

On the other hand the STIMULATE Collection is representing plenty of creative styles already. With those wigs our customer is able to present herself with the latest styles.

How can the customer utilise the variety of models for herself

C. Hoffmeister:

Even though the models first look similar, there are differences. At the hairdresser, the customer has the choice for example between different workmanship types, sizes, fronts and much more.

To find the right model, we offer on customers' request the testing of multiple wigs at her trusted specialist to make the best choice.

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