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WELLNESS® MyCollection: Fixation methods

Easy handling and reliable fixation method of the hair integration without annoying"Wig-feeling"

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Multiple fixation methods offer free choice of handling

The hair integration pieces in human hair offer many fixation methods, e.g. “permanent” and “sometimes” methods. Of interest are the “sometimes” methods as those can be attached by the user independently. Permanent fixation methods can only be done professionally by the hair dresser salon.

As a customer it's your choice with the “sometimes” methods, when to wear the hair integration from WELLNESS® MyCollection. In a blink of the eye, chick and styled again as you desire. Any kind of hair issue is perfectly covered.

Fixation-Method: BONDING

Hair integration can be fixated with special double sided adhesive tapes if genuine bald spots exist. They are placed on the inside of the hair integration and adhere up to approx. 14 days and longer.


The hair integration can put on and off independently from a visit at the hairdresser. E.g. you decide if you want to leave it on during sleep.

Procedure: Bonding method

Image 1 / Double sided adhesive tape applied on the inside surface of the hair integration and removal of protective foil.

Image 2 / Now position the hair integration on the beforehand cleaned scalp.

Image 3 / As soon as the position is right, just press it on. Easy!

Image 4 / Before and after situation.

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Fixation method: CLIPS

4 - 6 clips are sufficient to fixate the hair integration fast and reliably to your own hair. To open the clips is just as effortless. Clips are available in different sizes and colours.


The hair integration can put on and off independently from a visit at the hairdresser. E.g. you decide if you want to leave it on during sleep.


Image 1 / Position the hair integration with open clips on the head

Image 2 / First clip the front clips into your hair. Then the sideward and rear ones.  

Image 3 / To close the clip just simply press with both your index fingers on it.

Image 4 / Before and after situation.

WELLNESS® MyCollection: The volume wonder for the style of your dreams.
More volume. More length. More style. More vitality.

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