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GFH meets Harald Glööckler.

From the enthusiasm for GFH wigs and hair integration, a new partnership cooperation has emerged: we are happy to announce that the designer Harald Glööckler is the godfather for this exclusive POMPÖÖS HAIR BY GFH collection, which is inspired by him and his distinctive style.

Harald Glööckler personally wears enthusiastically our products and represents like nobody else how to change and to be self-confident. Together with him, we want to pass on to you this freedom of change. Get inspired by our new collection and have the courage to change yourself!


The wigs of the POMPÖÖS HAIR BY GFH collection will give you an absolutely natural look and will feel like your own grown hair. Just experience how your dreams of having hair will come true!


Choose one of the invisible hairpieces as a perfect support for your big performance. With POMPÖÖS HAIR BY GFH, you can transform in just a blink of an eye from short to long hair or from plain to pompöös.

Take the reins and just think about your own well-being. Remember the things that make you feel good. Everything that makes you feel good is just right for you.



POMPÖÖS HAIR BY GFH represents everything I stand for and I believe in.

You have to love yourself and there’s no need to impress anybody else.

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pompöös hair by gfh mit harald glööckler auf der top hair 2019

Pompöös show of GFH with star designer Harald Glööckler at the TOP HAIR fair in Düsseldorf on 31, March 2019.

Get delighted by the pompous fashion and hair show “ PÖMPÖÖS hair by gfh” and the endless number of visitors at the MEET&GREET.
Fotocredit: GFH/ Andrea Ganshorn + Markus Schmidt

Pompöös hair by gfh – the models

Wigs of the new collection Pompöös hair by gfh are characterized by volume and extravagant colors. No matter if short, medium or long, straight or curly, bright or dark, with Gloria or Chloé, Beatrice or Coco, Josephine or Monique, either in bernstein, lighthoney, champagne or darkchocolate, you will have a great appearance.

Next to the Pompöös wigs, the collection also offers hair pieces that are the ideal solution for naturally caused thin hair. They can be worn individually and make the hair look more voluminous wherever and whenever wanted. On the top, at the back of the head or at the fringe area. 




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