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LINCURA® Cover Spray

First aid for grey hair line, hair loss and tonsure

lincura katalog für graue haaranätze

LINCURA® Colour hair powder spray covers grey hair reliably.

LINCURA® is cover spray for beginning hair problems and at the same time professional scalp make-up. It's an all in one product. For HER & HIM.

LINCURA® is perfect for thinning hair, unattractive through shining hair zones, thinning hair on the forehead and grey hair line.

LINCURA® holds permanently until the next application of shampoo. One aerosol lasts approx. from 60 to 80 applications.

LINCURA® Cover Spray is colour for your hair and powder for your scalp.

LINCURA® simply removes grey hairlines with a spray 

With LINCURA® Cover Spray fast natural appearance

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Video LINCURA® Cover Spray

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